Fun Parrot Tricks Video

Watch this amazing parrot tricks from this cute little bird. Click the play button and have fun watching. We all know that parrots are smart creatures and they can perform tricks that their human thought them, just like in this video. The parrot’s name is Zeeby and

Border Canary Bird

Border Canary Bird Scientific Name: Serinus canaria domesticus Origin: Northern England and Scotland Average Lifespan:  6 to 8 years; Maximum of 20 years Size: 4 1/2 inches Color:  Mostly yellow but also appears in variety of colors like white, blue, green, plum, cinnamon, variegated and ticked Sounds:

Brown-Headed Parrot

Brown-headed Parrot Scientific Name: Poicephalus cryptoxanthus Origin: South Africa Average Lifespan: 10 years Size: 9 inches Color: Mainly green Sounds: Vocal communicator Interaction: Social Physical Characteristics of Brown-headed Parrot Brown-headed parrot is a small sized bird that measures about 9 inches including their tiny tail. They have predominantly

Bird Care: Vital Tips

Beauty, brains and companionship are just some of the many things that make birds one of the most sought after pets in the world. Birds come in various color combinations which make them a real sight for sore eyes. Aside from their unmatched attractiveness, birds are also

Buffon’s Macaw

Buffon’s Macaw Scientific Name: Ara Ambiguus Origin:  Central America from southeastern Honduras to western Columbia, and in western Ecuador Average Lifespan:  80 years or more Size: 26 to 34 inches Color:  Mainly green Sounds:  Whistler and loud squawking Interaction: Very social Physical Characteristics of Buffon’s Macaw The

Blue-streaked Lory

Blue-streaked Lory Scientific Name: Eos reticulata Origin: Tanimbar Islands, Indonesia Average Lifespan: 28 years and above Size: 12 inches Color: Primarily Red Sounds: Chattering Interaction: Social Physical Characteristics of Blue-streaked Lory The Blue-streaked lory is a medium sized parrot of about 12 inches and is also called