Blue-Eyed Cockatoo

Blue-Eyed Cockatoo Scientific Name: Cacatua ophthalmica Origin: New Britain Average Lifespan: 40 to 60 years Size: 18 to 20 inches Color: Mainly white Sounds: Mimics various sounds Interaction: Social Physical Characteristics of Blue-eyed Cockatoo Blue-eyed Cockatoo’s body is mostly white with some yellow beneath its tail and

Blue-fronted Amazon

Blue-fronted Amazon Scientific Name: Amazona aestiva Average life span: 50 to 60 years Origin: Bolivia Size: 14 to 15 inches Color: Mainly green Sounds: Whistler Interaction: Highly Social Physical Characteristics of Blue-fronted Amazon The Blue-fronted Amazon has a small body with dark grey beak that is distinct

Deadly Foods for Pet Bird: What to Avoid

Proper food plays a major role in the overall health of your pet bird. Aside from providing energy for its daily activity, the right foods for pet bird ensures that your furry friend gets the perfect balance of nutrition that suits its specific diet. Although there are

Blue-Crowned Conure

Blue-Crowned Conure Scientific Name: Thectocercus acuticaudatus Origin: South America Average Lifespan: 15 to 25 years Size: Up to 14.5 inches Color:  Mainly green Sounds: Chatterer, Vocal communicator Interaction: Highly social Physical Characteristics of Blue-Crowned Conure Although not the most colorful bird among the Neotropical parrots, its colors

Blue and Gold Macaw

Blue and Gold Macaw Scientific name: Ara ararauna Origin: Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Paraguay Average Lifespan: 30 to 35 years Size: 30 to 34 inches Color: Yellow Gold Sounds: Vocal communicator Interaction: Highly social Physical Characteristics of Blue and Gold Macaw Praised for its beautiful appearance,

Finding the Right Pet Bird

Birds are some the most adorable animals in the world. Appreciating them in the wild is so much fun, but adopting one for your home as a family pet bird can be a very rewarding experience especially if you pick the right pet bird. Although birds are

Pet Bird Reacts to Digibirds

Watch this video of this Alexandrine parakeet pet bird reacts to digibirds in front of him. Click the play button and have fun. For some who don’t know yet, Alexandrine parakeets can be aggressive at times and this video is one of those moments where they can

Festive Amazon

Festive Amazon Scientific Name:  Amazona festiva Origin: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru Average Lifespan: 40 to 60 years Size: 13 ½ inches Color: Mainly green Sounds: Vocal communicator Interaction:  Somewhat social Physical Characteristics of the Festive Amazon The Festive Amazon parrot’s main plumage color is forest green and the