American Singer Canary

American Singer Canary

Scientific Name:
Serinus canaria

Origin: United States

Average Lifespan: up to 10 years

Size: small, up to 5.75 inches

Color: commonly yellow but actually comes in many colors

Sounds: Melodious singing sounds

Interaction: Social


yellow american singer canary inside a cage

Photo: David Innes | Flickr


Physical Characteristics of American Singer Canary

This bird specie comes in many different colors but the most common is yellow as this color is the most requested among pet owners. They are among the type of small birds that measure not more than 6 inches long from beak to tail. Other colors that are being bred are yellow green, orange, brown, black, white, and red.

Personality and Temperament

The American Singer canary specie is one of the most favorite among pet bird owners because of its social nature and active personality. They are known for their melodious singing skills that are very pleasant and relaxing to listen to. This musical skill wrapped up with a sweet personality make these canaries one of the most ideal pet birds even for beginners in bird care.

Experienced pet bird owners would often describe them as outgoing, pleasant, and very friendly birds. Those who prefer small birds would enjoy the company of an American Singer canary. They are best to listen to in the morning and before dawn as it could help relax and soothe your mind.

They are gentle birds and can get along very well with other birds of different species like finches and hardbills, but it is also important not to include them with the more aggressive breeds like the parakeets, lovebirds, and some of the small parrot breeds that are territorial.

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Health and Care

These birds love to dip their feet in the water and will often take their daily bath. When housing them in cages or aviaries, it is recommended that they at least be exposed to the sunlight for a certain period of time, particularly in the morning, to acquire enough Vitamin D and for better absorption of Vitamin A from the food they eat. They have quite sensitive feet that is why it is important that their cages are clean and well-maintained to avoid any foot problems.

These canaries can be fed with different bird foods and bird seed variations but it is recommended to include fruits and vegetables in their diet. Mealworms can also be provided as high protein food for your pet bird although some pet owners don’t like the idea of giving mealworms to their pet birds. For calcium, offer them cuttlebones.

Caging is very important when caring for canaries. They like it more when their perching place is high so this means that the taller the cage is, the better it is for them. Male American Singer canary tends to be territorial at times, you may need to house them separately from the other male canaries if they show any signs of aggression.

Unlike parrots, canaries don’t need toys or woods to chew to keep them entertained. They are much better with swings and high perching place.

History and Background

The American Singer Canary is a crossbreed of German Roller canary and the Border canary. These two species were bred to combine the musicality of the German Roller and the sweet and pleasant personality of the Border Roller.  The goal of crossbreeding this two is to create an ideal pet for bird lovers.

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One of the factors that contributes to the popularity of this specie is the famous cartoon character “Tweety Bird” from Looney Tunes. This is also one of the reasons why the yellow colored canary is the most requested among those who want to care for this kind of bird.

These birds are also used in bird shows and even in bird singing contests—to showcase the balance between the quality of the tune the bird creates as well as the variety of song it produces. As early as four weeks of age, these birds can already sing light tunes.

Aside from being territorial, the male specie is caged separately to make sure that it creates quality singing tune.  Male birds can create a full long song while females only do short ones and most of the female specie only starts to sing after six months of age.

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