Bird Care: Vital Tips

Beauty, brains and companionship are just some of the many things that make birds one of the most sought after pets in the world. Birds come in various color combinations which make them a real sight for sore eyes. Aside from their unmatched attractiveness, birds are also well regarded for their high intelligence. In fact, many bird species can mimic certain sounds and some can even speak when proper training is done. Furthermore, birds make the best pets even for small children because of their active nature and unending loyalty. With all these wonderful things birds can give us, it’s just right that we give them the proper bird care they deserve in return.

Most bird species have long life expectancy, with some reaching 20 years and more. Although susceptible to a number of diseases and sickness, birds are considered healthy pets. Fortunately, there are several ways to further ensure that your pet bird maximizes its life expectancy. From picking the right food to regular grooming, these tips will certainly minimize the risks of developing health issues and medical conditions.

bird care tips

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Check the Source

When buying a pet bird, the first thing to make sure is the legitimacy of the bird store or seller. You can either check online for feedbacks or comments regarding the reputation of the seller, or talk to locals or other bird enthusiast wo have already bought from that store. It would also be an advantage if you can directly talk to the breeder and ask about their business history. Most importantly, do an onsite inspection of the store and its surroundings. Check if good hygiene is practiced and if all the animals are properly cared for. If all of these factors pass your standards, the next step is to inspect your chosen bird. Doing these will make it easier for a proper bird care.

Choosing the Right Bird Specie

Choosing the right bird that perfectly fits your mood and expectations is a tricky task that requires some knowledge and time. Aside from colors, different bird species offer various behavior and temperament. Some birds are active during the day, while some are nocturnal. Some birds can be trained to mimic human sounds while others cannot. All of these factors must be considered to ensure a harmonious relationship as owner and pet.

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An effective way to improve your choice is to learn about bird species and their tendencies and behavior through the internet. Another option is talk to bird experts and enthusiasts and ask what species make the best pets. The most crucial point when doing your research is to allot time and effort to make sure that your chosen specie is really what you are looking for.

Check the Bird

When purchasing your chosen bird, it is a must to ask for its medical certificate and health history. The bird must be cleared by a competent veterinarian before taking it home. Doing this will not only be valuable for your pet bird, but will also eliminate the risk of spreading diseases within your household. Another crucial step is to thoroughly inspect the bird. Try to interact with it, make sure it is active and responsive. Never purchase a bird that seems weak and unwilling to interact because these are likely to be symptoms of a disease or sickness.

Furthermore, check if the cage and its surroundings are properly maintained. A clean living environment will almost guarantee that the bird is free from any sickness and medical condition.

Routine Checkup for Proper Bird Care

If money is not an issue, a quick visit to the doctor for a general checkup for bird care before taking the bird home is highly recommended. To be on the safe side, this routine checkup will ensure that your new pet is disease free and ready to mingle with your children.

Aside from this quick trip to the vet, it is recommended to have your bird checked once a year even if it does not show any symptoms of medical condition. In the end, prevention is always a better option than treatment

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There are many ways to save some from expensive visits to the doctor, some of which are easily done at home. First way is clean your pet bird’s cage daily. Remove stools and make sure that are no leftover foods that can cause LBM and Diarrhea. Another option is to use air purifier which can effectively remove dust, mildew and other airborne bacteria.

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