Some Canary Bird Facts for Bird Lovers               

The canary bird is very well known for its singing skills that give a melodious sound that is very relaxing and entertaining to listen to. Aside from this singing gift, there are other important canary bird facts that are worth knowing especially if you are interested to have a pet canary bird at home. Getting to know more about these talented birds can help you decide better if this small bird specie is the right one for you. Below are some of the canary bird facts every canary pet bird owners should know.

Canary Bird Facts:

  1. In the 14th century, the Spanish sailors who conquered the Canary Island are the ones who brought the canary birds in Europe for pet trade. They admired these birds because of its melodious chirps and singing capabilities so they captured some and brought to Europe to breed and sell.
  1. The Spaniards sell only the male birds because they are great singers than the female canary birds.
  1. In 1600’s, a Spanish cargo ship containing a huge number of canary birds intended for pet trade encountered an accident and all the canary birds were able to escape and flew to the nearby Elba Island which is one of the Mediterranean Islands found in Tuscany, Italy. The birds started breeding on this island and their population began to grow in the European countries.
  1. There are 3 types of canaries for breeding. These are (1) color canary, (2) song canary, and (3) the type canary. Germans breed canaries for its song while the French and English breed canaries for their different colors.
  1. Before, only the wealthy people can afford singing canaries as pet. During this time, the canary bird has become a status of fashion statement among the rich and the royalties.
  1. The cartoon character Tweety Bird in Looney Tunes was inspired by the yellow singing canary. This pop culture contributes to the demands and preference for yellow singing canaries over other colors.
  1. They come in different colors such as red, pink, orange, brown, and more.
yellow singing canary bird facts

Photo: Majd Mohabek | Flickr


  1. Long before, the canary birds were used as a tool to detect toxic gas fumes in coal mines. This is because these small birds’ respiratory system is very sensitive to fumes. Once they inhale toxic fumes even in a single breathing they could die on the spot which warns the coal miners for threat of poisonous substance in the air. Thus, the term “Canaries in a coal mine” became a popular idiom.
  1. Male canaries sing as way to attract female birds. If you put a female bird in its cage, the male canary bird will stop singing. Also, if you show the male canary a mirror and see its own reflection, it would stop singing because he would think the reflection is a female canary. They also sing to fight boredom or when they mark their territories.
  1. Canaries will not sing in a dark cage.
  1. Canary birds are ideal pet birds for beginners.
  1. Canary birds are not picky eaters. They like to eat Jalapeno peppers so if you have this fresh on your backyard, you can give them some as treats. Jalapeno pepper is reach with Vitamins A and C.
  1. The average life span of a canary bird is up to 10 years, but well-maintained, healthy canary birds can live beyond their average life span.
  1. Canary birds are considered as solitary pets. They can be aggressive and territorial towards other birds and they are not as social as the other bird species from the finch family.
  1. Social interaction with humans can scare a canary bird, but there are several cases where they like human companionship especially when they were hand-reared at young age.
  1. Flying is their form of exercise ad they seldom climb up and down their cage like parrots. A large cage where they can fly around and flap their wings is essentials for these birds.
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It is important that you know some of these canary bird facts before you decide to get one or some as pets. Being aware of some of the important things about them will help you care for them better. A healthy and happy canary bird can be your best companion bird giving you beautiful music to listen to everyday.


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