Deadly Foods for Pet Bird: What to Avoid

Proper food plays a major role in the overall health of your pet bird. Aside from providing energy for its daily activity, the right foods for pet bird ensures that your furry friend gets the perfect balance of nutrition that suits its specific diet. Although there are various  foods for pet bird in the market today, having proper knowledge about the different kinds of food that can be harmful and deadly to your pet is a must. Let’s take a look on what food to avoid.

sugary cookies not foods for pet bird

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Chocolate and Sugary Food

First on the list are chocolates, which will disrupt your pet’s digestive system. The most common symptoms displayed when accidentally eating any food containing chocolates are diarrhea and vomiting. If you see your feathered friend pooping more often than regular or displays signs of vomiting, instantly bring it to the nearest vet.

Another common treats to avoid are sugary food like candies and cookies. Too much sugar can also boost your pet’s activity levels. Without proper water intake, dehydration and fatigue will most likely happen. Aside from candies, sugar-rich drink like soda is a no-no. The best alternative drink is pure water, which must be constantly accessible to your pet.

Not all Fruits and Vegetables are Safe Foods for Pet Bird

Even though fruits are one of the most nutritious foods for pet bird on the planet, some varieties are dangerous to birds. Hard to believe that healthy fruits like pears, apricots, apple and cherries are the most common threat to your pet bird’s health. The explanation behind this fact is that the seeds of these fruits contain cyanide, which is risky to birds. Even the smallest trace of this substance can be fatal to birds.

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Fortunately, you can train your pet bird to eat portions of these fruits that are farthest from the seed to avoid poisoning. But if you don’t want to take the risk, just feed other healthy fruits.

Aside from the fruits discussed, avocado skin has been also reported to cause heart attack to some bird species. If you are not sure if your pet bird is safe from avocado, don’t stock in your home.

Similar to some fruits, there are also a number of vegetables that are unhealthy to birds. A common culprit is onion, which causes digestive issues that most often lead to severe diarrhea. Although not really a vegetable, mushroom is also harmful due to the fungus it carries. If eaten raw, this fungus can easily cause respiratory diseases and kidney failure.

Additional vegetable that have been reported to cause different health issues to birds are tomatoes and potatoes. But if cleaned or cooked properly, a slice or two of these nutritious veggies will do harm than good.


Salt or any food containing high amounts of salt must never be a part of a bird’s diet. Similar to humans, excessive intake of salt will cause your bird to experience dehydration and kidney failure. Given your feathered pet’s tiny size, all it takes is a small amount of salt to inflict harm.


It is a no-brainer that any liquid containing alcohol is dangerous to any bird species. There are cases of bird death due to accidentally giving alcohol contained in bottles that look similar to water containers. To avoid this accident, make sure to keep away all alcohol bottles and label your bird’s water containers properly.

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Aside from alcohol, coffee must never be a part of a bird’s breakfast. High amounts of caffeine will cause increased heartbeat and more than normal activity levels, both may probably lead to heart issues.

If you want to treat your winged pet to some beans, make sure that the beans are properly cooked. Uncooked beans still contain Hemaglutin, a deadly substance for many birds.

Your pet bird’s health depends on the time and effort you can give in making sure that what it eats will not pose any danger now or in the long run. Fortunately, to be always on the safe side, just buy bird food from any reputable pet shop. Always carefully read the ingredients of your chosen brand and make sure all the foods listed above are crossed out. In the end, a little knowledge is invaluable in protecting your pet bird’s health.

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