Buying A Bird: 3 Essential Things To Consider

Beautiful birds are a prized possession for anyone. Your neighbor has just brought an attractive and colorful bird and you cannot hold yourself, but have been secretly looking at the pet for days now. Are the unique noises the bewitching bird makes catching your attention too often? You may consider having a similar companion at home. However, you need to consider some essential things prior to buying a bird.

Essential Things To Consider Before Buying a Bird

Owning an exquisite bird is truly an enjoyable experience. However, there are many things that you must pay attention to before buying a bird of your choice. Carefully examine the dietary, time, bonding, and environment needs for a pet bird and check if you are up for the challenge of raising one or several of these wonderful winged animals.

Special Diet

One of the most important factors to consider before bringing home one of these feathered creatures is the need for a special diet. In the wild, this is hardly an issue, as birds are more than capable of searching for their daily food requirements and keep themselves healthy and full of energy. However, when kept as a pet, a bird is dependent on you for his requisite diet. So, it is incumbent on you to constantly supply nutritious and fresh food items to suitable for your pet’s dietary requirement.

The main component of your new friend’s diet is high-quality birdseeds and pellets. You must make sure that the brand you choose contains more than enough vitamins and minerals, which are essential to maintain proper overall health. It is recommended that you should avoid buying brands that are too cheap. Such kind of bird food may have pellets or seeds that are very low on nutrition or even lacking it at all. Be careful, if you are purchasing cheap and low-quality food considering financial savings. Without nutrition, your pet is likely to develop health problems that may force you spend much more on medical expenses.

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Apart from birdseed and pellets, another major component of your pet’s diet is fresh fruits and vegetables. The good news is that you can serve fruits and vegetables that are stocked in your kitchen. However, avoid giving varieties that are high in sugar and acidic elements, as such food can lead to health issues for your pet. Choose fruits and vegetables that contain an optimal nutritional value.

Finally, birds will not be able to survive for long without consuming fresh and clean water. This is especially true with very active and large breeds that need a constant supply of water to hydrate their bodies after tiring and strenuous activities. To make sure that water is always and readily available, you should use a bird water feeder offering your pet easy access every time he feels thirsty. Also, refill this water feeder at every few hours to avoid the development of bacterial formation and infection.

Exercise and Bonding Time

Birds are exceptionally social animals and they need regular time for interacting and playing with people. They love to bond with their owners. Expect your pet to thrive and stay happy and healthy when you spend ample time with it. However, your pet is likely to develop boredom and isolation and cause self-inflicted harm when it feels that you are unable to spend time or bond with. Your feathered pet will turn to various methods, such as feather plucking, to seek your attention.

In addition to regular bonding time, birds need a lot of time to exercise and stretch their legs. To meet this need, you should regularly let your pet go out of its cage for a few hours and explore the surroundings. In case you are unable to free your pet for a few hours daily, get a large cage that have ample space to allow your bird to move freely and comfortably. Aside from giving it more than enough space to play with, a large cage also prevents it from feeling isolated and restrained.

Loud Noises

Most bird species make loud noises. They can scream, screech, or even mimic human words and sounds. This is an issue when you have neighbors, who are keen on having a very quiet and stress-free ambiance.

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Fortunately, there are several ways to address this problem. One of the most effective methods is to train your bird to limit its penchant to make loud noises. Although it takes time and effort, such training is sure to benefit you and your pet.

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