Exercise and Toys for Bird Enrichment

Providing bird enrichment activities for your pet birds is highly important because this makes up their total health and well-being. Since most birds are in cages more often, they need to have physical activities as well as mentally stimulating activities even when inside the cage to make sure that their health is at its tip-top. Below are some of the in and out of cage activities you can provide for your pet birds.

parrot chewing on wood for bird enrichment

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Exercise to Keep Them Physically Fit

The best form of exercise for your pet bird is flying. That is why we recommend that each and every bird species must have adequate cage space for them to be able to move around and flap their wings. If you have aviary at home, the better it is for your birds. Their wings are the parts of their body that needs to be exercised the most.

Aside from having large cage, you also need to give your pet bird some out of the cage time for them to explore bigger space. If it is inside your home, make sure that the area is safe for your birds. Make sure that there is no moving ceiling fan or no fragile items where your bird could land. We recommend that you provide them with specialized bird perches to place in your home. You can tie one of their feet gently on it with long bird leash or harness so you can limit the place they could reach.

As much as outdoor flight could be good for your pet, we don’t really recommend it for domesticated pet birds because of the dangers and hazards that these birds can potentially get. Also, birds, particularly parrots are very inquisitive and the possibility for them to get lost in the wild is very high.

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Toys for Bird Enrichment

The best way to keep your birds occupied in their cage is to offer them bird enrichment toys. Not only one kind but you may offer them at least 2 to three kinds of bird toys. These stuffs will actually depend on the kind of bird your pet is. For doves and finches, their toys are mostly ladders, wooden objects, and swing. Finches are very fond of moving objects in their cage particularly in their nest during breeding season to prepare for the hatching of their eggs. As for parrots, there must be several toys that are safe for chewing because these birds are excessive chewers. You can offer them blocks of wood, acrylic toys, specialized balls for birds, and other bird enrichment toys. You will find yourself changing parrot’s toys more often than with other birds because parrots, especially those Amazon species, could easily destroy their stuff by chewing.

Just keep in mind that birds use their beaks to play with object which means that some parts of the objects may be ingested so make sure that all these items are safe for you birds including those painted ones.

Climbing Equipment and Perches

A bird cage must have perches so that your bird could sit on it and stand on it. Even when outside the cage you can also offer them with perches. The thickness and the size of the perch vary on the bird species your pet belongs to and the size of your pet bird. The larger your pet is the thicker perch it would require. An important point to remember when providing them with perches is to make sure that their toes don’t overlap when they wrap it around.

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For climbing, ladders can be offered in different sizes to use. There are metal ladders that you can buy from pet stores, these are better than the wooden ones because they are resistant for birds who love to chew on their stuff. You can also offer them net ropes where they can hang and climb around.

There are endless ideas to use for bird toys and enrichment activities. You just need to be creative sometimes. Offer something new from time to time as long as these toys or bird enrichment tools are safe for your pets. You can also take advantage of these stuffs to train your birds with simple tricks.

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