Factors to Consider on What Bird Species to Get as Pet

With thousands of bird species all over the world, choosing a new pet bird is easier said than done. Fortunately, there are ways and tricks on how to choose the right bird species that suits your expectations and requirements. It does not matter whether you’re already an experienced bird owner or just a rookie searching for your first bird companion, following these steps will be helpful in making the right choice.

Bird Species to get as pet

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A Little Knowledge About Bird Species Goes a Long Way

First and foremost, never go to a bird shop without basic knowledge about birds. Read books or use the internet to research about the possible bird species you can adopt or buy as a pet. Narrow down your choices to least ten species and do a thorough research about each of them. Learn their history, habits, diet needs, care requirements and everything that you can grab. By doing this, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect if ever you decide to bring it home. In addition, empowering yourself with basic knowledge will allow you to accurately determine if your chosen bird species will match your lifestyle and schedule.

Size Matters

Another important factor that you must also consider is the size of the bird. The general rule is the bigger the bird, the more responsibility it demands. For example, larger species will require a large living environment or enclosure. You must exert more time and effort in cleaning its cage and surroundings. Furthermore, larger birds need more food and water. Thus you need to replace and refill the food and water containers more often. If this is neglected, your pet will probably develop health issues due to stale and unclean food items.

On the other hand, owning a larger bird also provides many perks. One is the fact that larger species usually lives longer compared to smaller ones. Some may even live up to 100 years. In effect, you will have more time to play and cherish each other.

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Budget Factors

If you are working on a tight budget, smaller sized species might be the best option. Aside from demanding less food, smaller birds will also need smaller toys, which are usually cheaper compared to larger ones. Although not really mandatory, toys are important in keeping birds active and busy, especially if you don’t have enough time to bond and interact with them. These toys will also further develop your bird’s physical and mental skills. But most importantly, toys prevent boredom and inactivity, which often lead to self-inflicted harm.

The good thing about these toys is that you can still provide quality and effective ones without hurting your wallet. Using common house items and a little bit of creativity, you can make cheap but useful toys such as balls made out of plastic wraps or boxes made out of cardboards. Often, the materials needed can be found at home and are usually headed to the trash can.

Proper Bird Diet

One thing that you can’t be stingy about is proper supply of healthy and nutritious food. Birds are usually given a steady diet of bird pellets, fresh vegetables, and fruits. High-quality brands that contain high levels of vitamins and minerals must be given. Never settle for cheap brands because of the time, they do not provide the nutrition that birds need to maintain proper health. Even though you spend a few more bucks on these high-quality brands, the good thing is you are strengthening your pet’s defense against various health issues that will require you to spend more when they are contracted and developed. Think of your spending as a health investment and insurance against higher medical bills from your veterinarian.

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Aside from proper food items, you will need to spend a few more on health supplements specifically made for birds. Again, this is a health investment that will minimize the risks of developing various health diseases. Whether you choose a small or large bird, you need to give it bird shots and regular visits to the doctor.

The Decision

Choosing the perfect bird species as a pet that suits your taste and expectations need time, effort and knowledge. It may seem to be hard at the beginning, but once the perfect decision is made, expect a memorable journey that is full of treasured moments.

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