Finding the Right Pet Bird

Birds are some the most adorable animals in the world. Appreciating them in the wild is so much fun, but adopting one for your home as a family pet bird can be a very rewarding experience especially if you pick the right pet bird.

Although birds are not really as loyal as dogs, taking care of these flying creatures demands less time and money. All you basically need are a suitable cage and some good quality pet food. But aside from these basic needs, there are more important things you need to examine in order for you to fully appreciate your chosen specie.

right pet bird

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How to Find the Right Pet Bird for You

First and foremost, keep in mind that like all animals, birds have different personalities that are unique to every specie. For example, some birds are more active than others. Moreover, some are larger than others, thus, they need more food to survive. What we are trying to point out is that before choosing your pet bird, make sure to know the personalities and traits you are looking for so you’ll have an idea what to expect from your chosen specie once you take it home.

It is also vital that you get your feathered friend from a reputable breeder. You can do some research via the internet or look for ads in local newspapers. Doing this will not only give you peace of mind that you will be getting the right pet bird that is healthy, but will also give you the opportunity to learn a few things about your chosen specie directly from the seller or breeder. These information and tips will surely be helpful in properly raising your new pet and give you the most fun experience with owning a pet bird.

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The person or place you’ll buy or get your pet bird is also a vital factor that you must think about carefully. If money is not an issue, the best place to get your feather friend is from professional pet breeder. Although it will be more pricey, birds from these breeders come with health records certified by veterinarians. With an updated medical record, you are in full control of your pet’s health and maximize its life expectancy.

On the other hand, if you are working on a tight budget, the only option is to get from your local pet shop. Although there are risks involved in buying from a bird store with no accompanying health record, you can use some tips to minimize the dangers. The first tip is to ask around the neighborhood about the reputation of that certain store. Finding someone who has already bought from that place and asking his experience will be an added bonus. Next tip is to use the power of the internet to gather some information on how to spot a healthy bird from one that may carry diseases. Does extensive research on your chosen bird breed and familiarize yourself with those traits that must be exhibited by a healthy one. A little bit of knowledge will certainly save your time and money in the future.

Another effective indicator of a healthy bird is its beak and coat. A disease-free bird displays shiny and full grown coat. This indicates that the bird has proper diet and nutrition. You must also examine its beak, which must be sturdy and strong. Aside from these physical traits, you must spend several minutes or even hours observing your chosen specie before taking it home. The bird must be generally active while displaying alertness from any outside noise. You must also get positive reaction whenever you play or interact with it. Remember that birds are social creatures longing for attention and care, so getting these natural reactions indicate a healthy and happy behavior.

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Lastly, even if you have done all the tips and information discussed above, choosing the right pet bird can only be realized if you are willing to have a meaningful relationship with it. Ask yourself the real reason why you want a bird as your family pet. Choose a bird not because of its aesthetic beauty, but because of the unique experiences that only this feathered creature can give.

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