Four Must-Have Essential Things for Your Bird

Keeping a bird as family pet is a fun and enjoyable experience. Expect memorable moments as you learn and discover things about your new feathered friend. Even if it is your first to raise a bird, the experience will run smoothly as long as you are willing to learn. However, you must also make some sacrifices like time, money and effort to make sure you have the essential things for your bird.

If you want a trained bird, a few hours per day must be spent teaching it basic lessons like what and what not to chew, where to poop, and more. More time will be needed if you plan to train your bird to mimic certain sounds. Another crucial sacrifice is money, which will be mostly spent for food and medication. Fortunately, there are methods to effectively cut down on your pet’s medical expenses. All you really have to do is make sure that all of the essential things it needs in order to stay healthy are given.

essential things for your bird must have

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Here are Four of the Most Essential Things for Your Bird

1. Water

Similar to humans, birds can’t survive after a few days without water. Fact is they are highly active animals that need constant supply of water to hydrate their body after tiring activities. Always make sure that fresh and clean water is readily available inside its cage as this is one of the most essential things for your bird.

2. Nutritious Food

Birds must be constantly fed with high nutritious foods such as seeds, fruits, vegetables and pellets to maintain good health. It is a fact that birds are attracted to colorful things that is why making the food colorful and presentable will entice your pet to eat more. You can serve these food varieties separately or mix them from time to time.

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When choosing bird food, pick tested brands that give all the essential vitamins and minerals needed by your pet bird. Avoid brands that contain lots of sugar because too much can cause various medical conditions. In addition, avoid foods that contain caffeine like coffee and sodas. Chocolates, avocados, some varieties of nuts and salty foods must also be removed from its diet.

Diarrhea and indigestion are some of the most common sicknesses that birds are susceptible to. To avoid these issues, make sure that you only give fresh and clean food. You must also remove any leftover foods from its cage because these can easily cause loose bowel movement and other bacterial infections. If symptoms of any of these diseases are shown, immediately bring your pet to a veterinarian.

3. Proper Sized Cage

Your pet bird will spend a lot of time inside its cage, which is why it is extremely crucial to buy an enclosure that is spacious and well built. First thing to consider is the size, which must be wide enough for your pet to fully expand its wings and tall enough for it to fly around. Bird experts discovered that a wrong sized cage will stress out your pet, thus making it emotionally unstable and unhappy.

Aside from size, it is also important to pick a bird cage that is sturdy but lightweight. There will be instances when you need to move the cage around the house or bring it along trips, so buying a compact and handy enclosure is a wise decision. Furthermore, make sure that the spaces between the cage bars are narrow enough that your pet can’t escape, but wide enough for it to protrude its head and see the surroundings.

When choosing the perfect area within the house to place the cage, make sure that it is not within the reach of predators like rats, snakes or cats. Choosing a cage that is built of high quality steel is also recommended.

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4. Time Outside the Cage

Your pet bird needs regular interaction with humans and other animals. This is one of the most crucial essential things for your bird. It also needs couple hours of time outside its cage so it can stretch its legs and expand its wings. When not given enough time to play and explore its surroundings, your pet bird can inflict pain to itself like plucking its feathers. This unwanted event can easily be avoided by allotting a few moments of your time each day for interaction, training, or play.

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