Gloster Fancy Canary

Gloster Fancy Canary

Scientific Name:  Serinus Canaria Domesticus
Origin:  England
Average Lifespan:  10 to 15 years
Size:  4 ½ inches
Color:  Varied Colors of white, yellow, brown, and others
Sounds:   Melodious chirping sound
Interaction:  Social

Gloster Fancy Canary

Photo: jbuphotography | YouTube

Physical Characteristics of Gloster Fancy Canary

The Gloster Fancy Canary one of the smallest canary breeds with a size reaching only about 4 ½ inches or 11.5 centimeters in length.  It has a roundish compact body with colorful plumage.  It is an attractive, lively, active bird. It is readily identified based on its physical appearance rather than the songs it makes.

There are two types of Gloster Canary:  one is the crested, which is known as the Corona Canary, and the other one is the Consort Canary, the one which is plain headed.  Both are colorful and lively.  Aside from the characteristic crest Corona Canary’s head, there is no difference in their physical appearance.

Gloster Fancy Canary is an ideal pet for beginners as this breed is lively, attractive and easily breeds.  As with most of the canary birds, the Gloster Canary can basically be kept in a cage or in an aviary where they enjoy flying and moving around.

Personality and Temperament

The Gloster Fancy Canaries are social creatures that display their best behavior when they are kept in cages or aviaries.  Although they make high pitched noises which can be identified as too high, they are basically good natured. However, they should not be housed with other breeds of birds such as parakeets, lovebirds and hook due to the fact these breed tends to be more aggressive by nature and could intimidate the tiny Gloster canaries.

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Although not restricted, these species does not need toys or other things for entertainment.  All it needs is a swing to keep it entertained and occupied as it swings from one branch to another.  It must also be provided with a good branch for perching for it to roost (sleep).

Provided with quality food, good conditioning, and secured environment, the Gloster Fancy Canary breeds easily.  The female Gloster lays its eggs in a nest and usually gives 3 to 6 eggs, one per day.  The breeding season is generally from December to April.  Both the male and female are protective of their young, but the female Gloster canary is the one who takes care of the young full time until they are ready to fly away from their nest.

Health and Care

The Gloster Canary prefers wide open spaces so the owner must provide it with a roomy cage or a large aviary.  It is crucial that the cage is built with vertical bars and perches of various sizes for it to swing and play around. Furthermore,   it must be provided with at least 1 perch set in a high place for the canary to roost or sleep.

Its diet consists mainly of canary seeds and rape seeds.  It is also essential to provide your pet with vitamin coated canary seed mixes that are readily available in pet stores.  In addition, it can also be provided with greens and fruits such as apples and strawberries.

The Gloster Canary likes to bathe, so regular bathing is recommended.  It usually tidies itself up but it also needs to be nail clipped or trimmed from time to time.

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History and Background

The Gloster Fancy Canary is a relatively new breed with its development centered in England in the mid 1920’s.  It is the result of the careful blending of three breeds namely the crested Roller Canary, the Border Canary and the Crested Canary.

This breed is the result of the efforts of Mrs. Rogerson of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, from which the name Gloster Canary came from, and of John McLay, a well-known breeder and judge from Scotland.  Mrs. Rogerson crossed crested Roller Canaries with Border Canaries, while John McLay crossed small Crested Canaries with small Border Canaries.

Since the successful development of this breed, it has become a favorite of numerous bird enthusiasts who prefer small lightweight canaries with wonderful colors. Because of its continuous popularity growth both as a family pet and show bird, The Gloster Canary is readily available in local pet shops and also can be obtained through online.

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