How to Train Pet Bird to Talk

One of the many perks in having a pet bird is that you’ll have a loyal and fun companion who is always there to listen. What’s even more exciting is the fact that your feathered friend may be trained to talk, of course it needs to belong to any bird talking species. Just imagine the unforgettable moments you can experience if your pet can utter a few words. So here are some guide on how to train pet bird to talk and to do some basic tricks.

how to train pet bird

Photo: Hermann | Pixabay

Your Pet Bird’s Specie

There are numerous bird species that have the ability or potential to talk and mimic human sounds. Among the most sought after talking species include African Grey parrot,  Indian Hill Mynah and the Javan Hill Mynah. These bird species are commonly trained due to the fact that they possess higher ability to learn and are very proficient in taking commands. Although there are differences in the tone and pronunciation of words and sounds, these bird species are great companions especially when trained to talk. So if you are looking for a new pet bird with the highest talking ability, you can’t go wrong from any of them. However, although these species are intelligent and highly trainable, you must still exert extra patience and time to achieve your goal.

Aside from picking a bird species that can talk, there are many factors to consider if you are planning to train your pet to mimic human sounds and words. Below are some of the most important things you must realize to reach your goal.

The Age of the Bird

First thing you must do is to purchase or adopt a very young bird, preferably two to six months of age. During this early stage, birds are easier to train and faster to learn. Adults will be harder to teach to mimic sounds and words because a lot of words are already registered or saved in their brain. However, there is still a chance for adult birds to learn how to talk, but it will require more patience and perseverance on your part.

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How to Train Pet Bird: Earn its Trust

The next thing you must achieve on how to train pet bird is earning the trust of your pet. There are many ways to do this, but for starters, you must learn how to tame it. A tamed bird will be more focused to learn your commands and will easily remember all the lesson you give. It is also important that you show confidence during the whole training. Your pet bird must feel that you are its master and it must follow your orders. So how do you know when your bird is ready to be trained? It must display calmness and focuses its whole attention every time you approach.

Training Pet Bird Schedule

Another important factor is the schedule of your training. Birds are habitual animals, which means that they learn faster by repeating things at the exact same place and time as much as possible. It is recommended to have a spefic time each day to conduct the training. Early morning is the best time to teach because your bird’s memory is still fresh after a good night’s sleep. In addition, your pet still has lots of energy during this time. You must repeat your commands or words over and over until the bird is able to mimic the sound. Be patient and never shout or show any anger towards the bird. Doing so will make it loose focus and at the same time, see you as an enemy rather than its master.

Repetition is Key

Another effective trick you can do on how to train pet bird is to repeat the sound or word you want it to learn before and during feeding time. While it eats, repeat the word a couple of times. Doing this will make the bird associate the word with eating. After a few days, if your pet gets hungry, it will say the word to get your attention and tell you that it is hungry. After hearing it say the word, immedtaley reply with the exact word while giving it a treat or prize.

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Last but not least, you can also use a device or machine to record the word or words and play it over and over near your bird. You can use a tape or cd and play using a clear speaker. Make sure that the volume is not too high, but also not too low to be easily ignored.

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