Bird Health: Importance of Fresh and Clean Air

Bird Health: Importance of Fresh and Clean Air

Similar to humans, animals need a constant supply of fresh and clean air to maintain proper health and maximize lifespan. This need is very vital especially for birds, which are known to have a unique and sensitive respiratory system. If this requirement is met, expect your feathered friend to enjoy a healthy life that will last for several years.

With numerous kinds of pollution experienced all over the world, you need to exert extra effort and care to make sure that your pet bird breathes only the freshest and cleanest air. Below are some of the most common reasons why your feathered friends need filtered air.

Fresh Air

Sensitive Respiratory System

Although most bird species can live for several years, all of them are highly susceptible to various respiratory diseases and issues due to the fact that birds have a very sensitive respiratory system. Their tiny respiratory system can easily be clogged by simple to complex airborne particles, which will then result in numerous diseases and infections.

The worst part of this fact is that birds are also great in hiding their sicknesses or any discomfort they are feeling, which is why detecting symptoms can be very hard. Most of the time, bird owners are not aware that their pet is already suffering from a disease until the last minute when the effects are already fatal and severe.

In this case, it is always best to take precautionary measures rather that opting for a cure. Clearly, making sure that the air your pet breathes is filtered and free from germs and bacteria that can cause all sorts of respiratory diseases and infection is extremely important.

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Unique Air Passages

Aside from having a very sensitive respiratory system, birds also possess unique air passages that are extremely effective in delivering oxygen. If these passages become infected with germs and bacteria, the result will almost be an instant infection and disease that can rapidly spread all throughout its body. In addition to bacteria, these passages can also easily absorb fumes and harmful chemicals from common house items such as burned Teflon. Being able to filter bacteria and germs, as well as fumes and chemicals, is a must to maintain proper health.

Prevents Spread of Diseases

Filtered air is a necessity especially if you are keeping other animals such as dogs and cats inside your home. Often, these animals suffer from diseases or are infected with bacteria without your knowledge, which then results in infection of other animals and even people.

If air is filtered, the probability of spreading bacteria and diseases are minimized and prevented. For birds, this is very crucial due to the fact that these animals can easily spread and develop diseases.

Clean is not enough

To keep germs and bacteria at bay, most of us believe that everyday cleaning is enough. Often, we even use antibacterial sprays and wipes to prevent bacterial formation in house fixtures and furniture. Unfortunately, everyday cleaning is often not enough to prevent disease-causing germs and bacteria from infesting our homes.

In addition to daily cleaning, it is also very important to use an effective air filtering system especially when you have one or many animals at home. A good air filtering device will minimize and even prevent the formation of airborne particles that may pose a danger to your pet’s health such as household dust, dust mites, pollen, dander, mold, and mildew spores.

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In addition, cleaning the air using a high-quality air filtering device with a medical grade HEPA (high-efficiency particle arresting) filter will also effectively remove airborne particles that can lead to conditions like watery eyes, skin allergies, itchy nose, flu and fever for both humans and birds.

Removes Dander

When the air that your pet breathes is heavily polluted with dander, the transfer of bacteria and germs from one host to another becomes easier. When you use an effective air filtering system, this harmful dander, as well as pathogens that can develop various health diseases, are eliminated.

In the end, having clean and filtered air is beneficial for your and your pet’s overall health. Just make sure to get and install the highest quality air filtering device to experience optimum results.


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