Importance of Water and Bird Bath

Similar to humans, birds will not live without water. In fact, just a few hours without it will already put birds in various health risks. Body organs will not be able to function when not properly hydrated with water. Moreover, birds need to drink clean water every now and then especially those in tropical locations where the climate is humid and dry. Aside from getting proper nutrition from various food sources, drinking more than enough water will promote longer life. Clearly, birds need fresh and clean water source to survive. But what other important things does water give to birds? The answer is a refreshing bird bath.

importance of water and bird bath

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Refreshing Bird Bath

Flying around quickly accumulates all kinds of dirt and germs in bird’s feathers. When not regularly cleaned, dirt and other particles trapped in the wings can hamper the bird’s flight. This is the reason why birds must take a bath every now and then. In addition, cleaning their whole body with clean water will prevent risks of various health issues.

In the wild, birds clean their wings by splashing water as it spreads all over the body. This just proves that they need a regular water source which they can easily and conveniently go to whenever they need to freshen up. Aside from cleaning the feathers, water also helps straighten them out. With all the flying they do on a daily basis, the feathers will eventually bend especially when the wind is strong. Splashing water will effectively place the feathers in their original straight position, thus preventing interruptions during flight.

Choosing the Perfect Bird Bath

In captivity, it is recommended to provide a perfect bird bath for your pet. However, picking the most appropriate bird bath will take several decisions and factors. The first thing to consider is the size, which must perfectly fit your pet. You will depend the size of your chosen bird bath with the size of your pet. Some bird species are smaller than others, and vice versa, so it is best to make a quick research on the average size that your pet will reach once it matures.

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In addition to size, you must also choose from numerous designs and styles. The trick here is to choose the simplest design that gives maximum effect. It does not have to be elegant and flashy, as long as it does what is supposed to do. Moreover, bird baths that come with lots of accessories are often more expensive than those with basic designs.

Another important factor when choosing a bird bath is the quality. This time you may need to spend more just to make sure that your chosen brand is made of high-quality materials that will last longer. Think of it as a wise investment that will give more benefits to you and your pet in the long run. Besides, making sure that your bird bath is of the highest quality will make it stand all forms of weather condition especially if you plan to put it outdoors.

Shallow Type

A factor that is commonly neglected when choosing a bird bath is its shallowness. It is fact that birds prefer shallow and wide bird bath than deep ones. When your pet feels that the water is too deep, it will probably just find another water source. It is recommended to buy a bird bath that is 40 inches deep.

Heating Accessories

During cold seasons, birds will find it extremely hard to bathe because their bodies are really weak in terms of enduring cold. Due to this fact, it is best to buy a bird bath with installed heating accessories especially for owners living in cold environment. Aside from preventing the whole bird bath system from freezing, your pet will really appreciate and enjoy a hot bath during cold weather.


Determining the safest location to install your bird bath is an extremely important decision that you must make right. Putting it in a place where predators such as cats can easily reach will certainly put your pet in an accident just waiting to happen. Whatever location you choose, whether it be in your garden or lawn area, just make sure to put all precautionary measures to avoid unwanted incidents.

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