Keeping Pet Bird Warm during Winter

In the wild, birds are used to environments with tropical climates. Most of their activities are done during warm seasons. One of the many concerns of bird owners is keeping pet bird warm and comfortable during cold seasons. During winter, birds need extra care and attention to make sure that their health is maintained. Below are effective tips on how to keep your pet healthy and happy even if the weather is cold.

Keeping Pet Bird Warm Cockatoos

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Change Location

For most months of the year, owners tend to place bird cages near windows and doors to get maximum air circulation, which is a vital factor in maintaining bird health. Aside from getting better circulation, placing birds in these areas enable them to get more interaction with humans and other animals. However, as winter approaches, you must relocate your pet’s cage to a warmer area inside the house. Cold air can easily penetrate doors and windows, so it is suggested to move the cage in the central area of the house. Doing this avoids dangerous cold air from contacting your bird’s sensitive body, while still getting enough interaction from household members.

Constant human interaction is needed to prevent your pet from the risks of boredom such as feather plucking and self-mutilation. Clearly, you must pick a relocation area that is free from extremely cold air but still accessible. However, avoid the common mistake of relocating your pet to over-secluded area such as laundry room, basement, or attic. When this error is done, your bird will experience boredom and lack of interaction which can lead to death.

Use Insulation Kits

If you have no other relocation option due to minimum home space, an effective solution is to use insulation kits in doors and windows. Doing this will prevent cold air from entering the house, while keeping warm air circulating inside. These insulation kits are available in many home improvement stores or via online sellers. If you want a customized kit to perfectly fit the dimensions of your windows and doors, you can make it yourself. Search online for do it yourself tutorials and you’ll have a custom-made installation kit in no time.

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Electric Heater

Most houses especially those in cold areas have built in fire place to maintain warm temperature. The problem with using this natural heater is that birds are sensitive to the smoke and fumes from burning wood. If your pet regularly inhales these harmful properties, it can eventually develop various health issues. Fortunately, a heating alternative is to use electric heater. However, you must still make sure that your chosen electric heater has no coating that generates fumes that are deadly to birds. The same is true for gas and kerosene heaters – you must make sure that these do not generate fumes and smokes before using.

Cage Cover for Keeping Pet Bird Warm

One of the simplest but effective ways to keeping pet bird warm is by using a cage cover especially during night time. Use a cage cover that is thick enough to minimize cold air while still allowing some light to penetrate the cage. You can also use heat lamps and place it near the cage. These lamps provide double purpose – adequate lighting and effective heat source.

When buying a heat lamp, choose a brand that is specifically designed for birds to keeping pet  bird warm. Furthermore, make sure that the bulb does not emit any fumes or harmful substances especially when it overheats.

Maintain Home Humidity

A common drawback in using various heating gadgets is getting less humidity around the house. An effective trick to prevent this issue is by using air humidifier placed in specific areas of your home. Many pet shops sell air humidifiers that are specifically made for birds, so it is best to get a few and place near your pet’s cage.

In addition to using air humidifiers or vaporizers, you can bathe your pet to prevent dryness caused by lack of humidity. However, it is very important not to bathe your pet daily especially when the weather is extremely cold. In addition, bath session must use lukewarm water and while keeping it short and quick.

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