Learn All About Birds and Their Species That are Ideal as Pet

Before you decide to keep birds as pets, it is essential that you learn all about birds first. This is because each of the bird species has different personalities that will help you decide which among the types of bird is the right for you. From small bird breeds to the larger ones, each has their own qualities you will adore and will fit your lifestyle.

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All About Birds: History, Size, Species, and Characteristics

Contrary to the term “bird brain” which pertains to someone who doesn’t think well, birds are in fact one of the most intelligent animals. If you are familiar with history, some bird species are being used in delivering important messages. Birds are also being kept as pets by royalties during ancient times, particularly the colorful ones because of their beauty. Bird species that has the ability to talk like ravens are also kept as pets by kings and queens from back then.

Small Bird Species for Pets

When it comes to small birds, canaries and finches are the most common bird species that are recommended as pet by many bird breeders. Not only that smaller breeds like them are easier to maintain and care for, but these bird types have certain characteristics that even non-bird lovers will enjoy.

Canaries, the male ones in particular, are excellent in creating relaxing musical sound when they chirp. They can sing very well and would do this often except during summer. Not all male canaries are good singers, there are some that don’t like to sing. If you are after their singing skills, make sure that you are very particular with this when discussing with your bird breeder.

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It is also recommended that you do not keep a male and female canary in one cage because male canaries sing to attract a female canary. Moreover, canaries can be very territorial and may fight other birds that pose as threat. If you know Tweety bird, the yellow singing bird from Looney Tunes cartoons, his character is derived from a male canary.

As for finches, they come in different colors and you can already distinguish them from afar with their appearance. They are best kept in pairs because they get sad and could die when left alone. Like canaries, finches can sing too but they are very aloof with humans that is why it’s better to leave them in their cage and avoid holding them if possible.

Small and Medium Parrots

Parrot is also one of the most popular bird breeds as pets. They come in different sizes. The smaller parrot breeds are the Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Small parakeets, and Parrotlets to name a few. Some of the medium-sized parrots are the Caiques, Small conures, Lories and Lorikeets, Large Parakeets, Pionus Parrots, and Poicephalus.

Parrots have distinct features which make them easily recognized compared to other breeds. These features includes a strong, curved bill, a more upright physique, and claws that has two toes that point forward and the other two toes pointing the opposite. Parrots are adored by many people because of their ability to imitate human sound and even words.

Larger Bird Breeds as Pets

When talking all about birds that are of the larger size, large parrot breeds are always considered to be one of the most favorites. This is because large-sized parrots are ideal for touchy pet owners who like to cuddle and hold their feathered pet for interaction instead of just looking at them.

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Parrots come in different colors and sizes and all of them almost have the same physical features (beak, claw, wingspan, etc) but each parrot type can have different personality and temperament compared to others. Some of the large parrot breeds are the African Greys, Amazons, Small Cockatoos, Large Conures, Eclectus, Hawk Headed Parrots, and Mini-Macaws. As for the extra larger ones, the most common are the Large Cockatoos and the Macaws.

Other Birds Ideal as Pet but Less Common

Aside from the bird types mentioned above, there are other bird species that are also recommended as pets. These include doves and pigeons, mynah birds, toucans, and crows. Some of these birds are commonly seen around like the doves and pigeons while some are exotic bird types like toucans and crows. These birds are rarely acquired as pet because some of them, particularly the exotic species, may require special care and different bird supplies.

Overall, when talking all about birds, pet owners should have proper knowledge on how to take care of these animals particularly on handling them. Once they escape from their cage, especially the smaller breeds, you can never have them back. Even when they create a special bond with you, they have the instinct to fly away. Moreover birds are also a favorite prey to some animals that is why housing them in a secured area must be a priority.

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