Pet Bird for Beginners-Choosing Your Beginner Bird Part 2

On the previous post we talked about some of the best pet bird for beginners and discussed about the canaries which are known for their singing skills and varied colors and so are finches that are less social but have a very lively personality that can also be ideal as beginner bird. We also mentioned the very common and and all-time favorite beginner bird, the budgies or parakeets.

In this post we will continue to talk about the other three bird species suitable as house pets for those who have lesser or no knowledge in caring for birds. It is very important to have at least an idea on the type of birds that you would want to care for. Knowing their personality and the kind of care their need is a must to be able to give them the best care possible. Once you have the knowledge and experience in taking care of them you can be ready for other birds that are more challenging to have as pets.

Beginner Bird You Can Get As Pet

• Cockatiels

The cockatiels are among the small species of parrots. Most breeds of cockatiels are known for having a pleasant disposition that are suitable for beginners and even for kids who are mature enough and love to interact with birds. They are loving pet birds and love to be petted and snuggled. Those who love to touch animals for interaction will have fun with the cockatiels as they are the most ideal pet birds for physical interaction and actual playtime. They can be easily tamed when hand-fed at their young age.

orange cheecked cockatiel as beginner bird

Photo: Ken & Nyetta | Flickr

• Conures

There are many varieties of conure to choose from if you want this type of bird. As for beginner pet bird owners who aren’t fascinated with loud birds, the most ideal type of conure is the Green-cheeked conures and the Maroon-bellied conures. They are less quiet than the other types of conures which ca be extremely loud in any part of the day. They have playful personality and beginners would love this kind of disposition for a bird. Conures are affectionate, loving, and can learn how to talk.

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In terms of feeding and maintenance, they are less of a picky eaters compared to some parrot species. You can provide them with greens such as parsley, kale, peas, leafy greens too and fruits like apples, orange, grapes and bananas. They also feed on grains like brown rice, barley, oats, and corn. Nuts are also part of their diet like almonds and cashews. Once in a while they can be given protein rich diet like steamed chicken white meat, salmon, and tofu.

two conures in cage perching facing left

Photo: PhotoPieces | Flickr

• Parrots

When talking about pet birds, parrots are extremely popular because of their ability to talk and mimic sounds. Many people are also fascinated with this specie because of their very attractive color combinations. Not all parrot species are ideal as beginner bird. There are several species of parrots, specifically the Amazon parrots that can be very aggressive and difficult to train, thus an intermediate to advanced skills may be required. But generally, many species of parrots are ideal pet birds even for beginners.

Ideal parrot species as beginner birds

  • Poicephalus Parrots and Parrotlets
    This specie is the easy-going African parrots, the most common are the Senegals. They are ideal for those who are looking for small parrots with affectionate personality and low noise. They can be cuddled and play with and love physical interaction with their trusted handler. A very attractive beginner bird for those who like to know more about the parrot specie.
senegal parrot perching on a metal bar facing right

Photo: Dizzy Girl | Flickr

  • Pionus Parrots
    This specie may not be as colorful as other parrots you are looking for in terms of appearance, but their personality is best described as colorful and vibrant that pet owners will be very fond of. This type is ideals for those who like a pet parrot that is bit bigger than the Poicephalus. Like the Poicephalus, they also have low noise. They have calmer personality too which makes them gentle birds for beginners. They are not good talkers compared to other parrots species but they can be trained to talk and speak a few words and sentences.
pionus parrot holding a spade shaped object with its claw

Photo: Anna Hesser | Flickr

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