Pet Bird for Beginners: Choosing Your First Bird Part 1

Choosing your first ever pet bird for beginners could be very overwhelming as there are hundreds of bird species to choose from. The choices could vary from size, color, and their maintenance needs. However, you can also choose which bird species you would like to take care of based on their skills and talents (like singing, talking, mimicking etc). To help you decide the most suitable pet bird for beginners like you, it is important that you make a list of all the things you are looking for a pet bird and break the list down to the most possible. Also consider your budget as well because some birds, even for beginners, can come in very expensive prices.

As a recommendation, and what most experts would tell you, you can start with small birds that are easy to maintain so you could have an idea on how to take care of them as well as how they behave, the kind of food they eat, and how to maintain them. Keep in mind that some birds require intermediate to advanced knowledge that is why it’s better to start with beginner birds before you decide on something that may require more experience and knowledge to maintain.

Types of Pet Bird for Beginners

To help you decide better, here are the types of birds that you can choose if you haven’t decided on any yet.

• Canaries

Canaries have wide variety of colors to choose from. They are available in yellow, green, orange, red, brown, pink, and combination colors. They actually belong to the finch family. They are very popular and if you know Tweety bird from the hit cartoon Looney Tunes, you have to know that its character originated from a yellow canary singer. The male specie of canaries are born singers and having one as a pet will provide you with melodious chirps that sounds pleasing to the ears. If you want to stop them from singing, give it a pair to mate with because they actually sing to attract female birds.

yellow canary close up pet bird for beginners

Photo: G, W Diko | Flickr


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This bird is ideal for beginners who are not looking for a pet bird to hand held because canaries don’t like to be handled. They prefer to perch and sing and are not fond much with human interaction. They can also be territorial and makes them considered as solitary pet birds. If you don’t really plan to collect birds as pet and you want an easy to maintain singing bird, the canary could be the right one for you.

• Finches

Finches are well known for being active ad lively. They are fast moving birds and you will have fun watching them in a large cage as they move from one place to another in such a quick phase. They create constant twittering sound in variety of tones that can be quite pretty low sometimes. They are ideal for those who like to collect birds but be sure that if you have plenty of finches, the cage must be big enough to accommodate them and allowing them to move and fly around because finches can be very aggressive and territorial so having them in a cage small for them means war for territory.

• Budgies (Parakeets)

american parakeet feeding on bird seeds

Photo: Ron Guest | Flickr

They are the most common pet bird for beginners because of their easy availability and cheap price tag. Unfortunately, these factors are also the reasons why they are considered as disposable pets. If you would get to know this bird type better, you will discover that their very pleasing disposition is indeed a trait that you are looking for for a pet bird. These are also ideal for children who are gentle in handling because the budgies are gentle and affectionate towards human.

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At first they are timid and aloof, but once these parakeets get used to the new environment and become familiar to the people around them, they can be loyal and loving pet birds. They have attracting color combinations mostly of blue and green shades and sometimes they even come in patterns. Some are not aware but budgies can become talkers too. They can learn to mimic few phrases but their voice is quite small and low.

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