Unusual Pair—Watch This Pet Bird Wakes Up a Sleepy Cat

We all know how unusual it is to both have a pet bird and a cat in one place. Now, watch and see how these two opposite creatures can become friends.



In this video it’s pretty obvious that this little pet bird and the cat seems to get along well. Perhaps, the cat is trained not to harm the bird even if it keeps on pecking him to wake him up.  We can assume that the bird and the cat are playmates and that the bird is wanting to play with him.

The cat on the other hand is also a sweetheart. He doesn’t show any signs of aggressiveness even if he’s still sleepy. He is just stretching his arms towards the bird, telling the bird that like, “okay, okay, I’ll wake up.”


pet bird waking up a cat

Credit: arab usa for fun | Youtube


We can say that this is such amazing to see them get along. They are tamed and gentle pets that we all would love to have.

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