Listen to How Singing Canary Bird Makes Melodious Chirps

This canary bird in the video doesn’t just make pleasant sound but it is also trained and obedient. Watch this amazing singing canary bird below.


Canary bird is known for creating melodious sound. In fact this sound is used to relax one’s mind. Aside from the relaxing sound it creates, this bird is pretty trained. One call from its handler and off it flies to perch on its handler’s hand.

Looking at the video, it seems like the other canaries are also trained but the yellow one is the most obedient of them all. For those who didn’t know, canaries can be tamed especially if they were hand-reared at such young age.


singing canary bird in yellow color

Photo: Cazuza Roxy | YouTube

After the canary delivers its good music, it then flew back to its cage. Who doesn’t want to own one of these?

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