Things to Pack When Travelling with Pet Bird

One of the perks with having a pet bird is travelling with ease and convenience. Due to the fact that birds are smaller compared to most household pets, having them as travel companions does not really require a lot of things and effort. Still, you need the know the basic things to pack up in order to ensure a safe and memorable experience when travelling with pet bird.

Travelling with Pet Bird

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The Three Basic Things

The three basic things to pack when travelling with pet bird are food, water and shelter. Bringing more than enough food is recommended because you will never know if you get stranded or lost along the way. For short trips, your pet bird will probably be more interested in sightseeing new views than eating. In this case, you can opt for snacks or pellets. On the other hand, long trips will require you to prepare a variety of food items. The food you must bring along depends on your pet’s daily diet. If it regularly eats vegetables and fruits, prepare thin slices of these food items and place in a sealed container or sealed plastic bag. If your trip will last for days, it is better to prepare just enough amount to avoid the food items from being stale. Doing this is more practical than preparing a lot of these perishable items because, along the way, you will probably come across local supermarkets or grocery stores where you can replenish your stock.

Similar with foods, water is also a very important part of your pet’s diet. Aside from hydration, water quenches your pet’s thirst given the fact that it loves to burn energy through various activities. Before embarking on your journey, make sure that your feathered friend is fully hydrated. During the travel, it will probably be uninterested in drinking because it’s focus will be on the new surroundings and sites.

Unlike foods, water will be good to consume even after several days as long you keep it away from direct sunlight. It is recommended to bring several bottled water and stock inside a sealed container. If you are travelling with your car, it is better to stop for a while to let your pet drink and eat. Doing this will avoid the possibility of spilling and making a mess inside your vehicle. If you are bringing a cage, make sure to replace leftover water and food with fresh refills to avoid diarrhea and bacterial formation. Surely, you don’t want a sick bird while you travel.

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Whether you are driving a car or using public transport while travelling with pet bird, it is best to put your bird in a proper and comfortable cage. The cage must be spacious enough so your pet can move around comfortably especially if your journey will take several days. In addition, the cage must be sturdy and stable to avoid accidents. It also must be lightweight and easy to carry along while you travel.

If you have spare money, buying a bird carrier specifically made for travels is recommended. Due to the increasing popularity of pet birds, various accessories such as travel carriers and cages are plenty in pet shops.

In choosing the perfect travel carrier when travelling with pet bird, you must consider these factors:

  • It must be large and spacious enough for your bird to freely move around and stretch its wings
  • It must be properly ventilated
  • It must have a built-in perch where your bird can comfortably stand
  • It must have holes where you can insert food and water
  • It must have a specially built handle where you can strap the seatbelts
  • It must have a removable litter box so you can easily remove and clean poop

To enable your pet bird to gain much needed rest during night time, also bring along a soft and comfy bedding or matting. This will be extremely useful especially if you plan to travel at night. Furthermore, bring a couple of its favorite toys just to make sure it does not become bored and uneasy during long travels.

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Lastly, just to be on the safe side, bring a simple first aid kit in case of accidents and sudden bird health issues. It is recommended to ask your vet for the basic medicines to bring during short and long travels.

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