Tips on How to Own a Quiet Bird

Tips on How to Own a Quiet Bird

In the wild, birds use various sounds to communicate with each other. For them, this is as natural as breathing. Some bird species can even mimic human sounds and words when properly trained. For most people looking for bird pets, the ability to create sounds or mimic words are the selling points in acquiring a bird. However, some people can also consider these unique talents or skills as causes of concern.

Many bird species can create loud sounds to the point that it can be considered as a neighborhood disturbance especially when living in very quiet communities. With this fact, many first time owners are considering the possibility that their chosen bird may cause more harm than fun. Fortunately, there are tricks and tips with regards to keeping your pet bird quiet and behaved.

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Natural Behavior

In the wild, birds thrive in flocks. They love to interact and play with each other. Loud noises usually accompany these bonding moments as their way of communication. When domesticated, birds will still have these natural tendencies. When they feel the need to interact or play with other animals and humans, they will make sure that they will be heard via loud noises such as screeches and high pitched screams. This is most especially true with species that are known to be talkative and aggressive.

To avoid this problem, always make sure to have time for interaction and play. Doing this will assure your bird that it is not neglected, thus the need to make noises to get attention will be minimized. Furthermore, make sure to put your bird’s cage on an area inside your home where the family members often stay or hang out. This will give the illusion that the bird is always in the middle of any family activity and interaction. When you put your pet in an isolated area like attic, garage or laundry room, it will likely resort to making loud noises to get attention.

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Invest on a Large Enclosure or Cage

Another important investment that your pet requires in order to maintain happiness and comfort is a spacious and sturdy cage. How is a large cage linked to your pet’s noisy behavior? Birds are very active animals. They thrive on activities that will keep their mind engaged. They also love to explore their surroundings to keep them preoccupied. When kept in a small cage, the time will come that your pet will feel bored and uneasy, which will eventually lead to making loud noises as a way to be noticed, or even worst, the self-inflicted harm that can sometimes be fatal.

A spacious cage will also enable you to put or install other means to maintain your pet’s activity requirement such as a bird swing or artificial branches to mimic its natural environment. Also, a spacious enclosure can accommodate toys, which are also important in keeping your pet happy and engaged. Toys made out of cheap household items such as plastic or cardboard boxes are more than enough to develop your bird’s mind and body.

Never Make Loud Noises in Front of Your Bird

Birds are very intelligent animals. As mentioned above, some species can easily mimic human sounds. If your pet often hears you shouting or screaming inside the house, it will naturally mimic those habits. In fact, some species can even say the exact words that you use when you are cursing or shouting in anger.

Instead of shouting, always talk to your pet in a relaxed and assuring manner. Doing this will also enable your bird to have a laid back and behaved behavior. Furthermore, showing negative emotions such as hate and disrespect to your pet will make it emotionally detached from you. Birds are very sensitive in terms of negative feelings that is why it is important always to be calm and patient when dealing with it.

Be Responsible

After learning some of the most vital factors you must consider before owning a bird, you must ask yourself if you can really provide all these necessities. Owning a pet bird is a big responsibility that you must not take if you can’t willingly invest time, money, effort, patience and love.

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